Benefits for Agencies



12 Gratuities for managers or inspectors of his agency to the year.


Gratuity for the guide with groups of more than 16 pax.


Discounts for the guides with groups of more than 6 pax.

Important Information | Il Nuovo Giardino

We are a consolidated company in the Galapagos Islands, with seven years of experience.

Our facilities give you different environments inspired by nature and the freshness of living on this beautiful island.

We offer a varied and excellent menu that satisfies all our customers especially for the high quality of our products.

We have a handmade ice cream parlor, where we produce 18 delicious flavors that make us unique.

We have capacity to care for 120 people and either for a coffee, a romantic dinner or for groups we are the ideal place to visit in Puerto Ayora.

with the desire to always offer the best of our service and to further strengthen the labor ties with those who already work and to start a new business relationship with those who have not yet, we bring you the present letter with an interesting proposal that will benefit both sides and make our relationship proactive, fun and innovative.

We are selecting the best operators who want to promote our restaurant.


What should the agency do? 

Inserting our logo and a link on their website.
offering our clients our services and promotions.
What are the vouchers?

Il Giardino will provide redemption documents for the benefits the agency obtains, these may be digital or printed.

Vouchers for customers? 

These vouchers will be sent after the confirmation of agreement between the agency and the restaurant, the same are sent in digital format so that the agency can be responsible for sealing them and deliver them to their customers in the way that best suits them.

Vouchers for executives? 

The executive vouchers will be sent to the agency in printed form which can be used throughout the year of the Agreement.

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